SYN27 Strong Alkaline Gel Type Anion Ion Exchange Resin

A Strong Alkaline Gel Type Anion Ion Exchange Resin, especially applicable to made purity water, has fine physical stability and oxidation resistance performance.


Matrix Crosslinked polystyrene
Strcture Gel type beads
Bead size(≥95) 0.315-1.25mm
Uniformity coefficient(≤) 1.6
Bed depth(≥mm) 800
Specific Loading(BV/h) 20-90
Storage temperature(℃) 0-40


Functional group quaternary amine
Ionic form CI
Appearance Beige,translucent
Effective size(mm) 0.40-0.60
Bulk weight  (g/ml) 0.66-0.75
Density (g/ml) 1.08
Water retention   (%) 42-48
Total Capacity  (≥   mol/l) 1.35
Operating Temperature (≤℃) 80