SYDA830 Macroporous Acrylic Weak Alkali Anion Exchange Resin

A Macroporous Acrylic Weak Alkali Anion Exchange Resin, exchange capacity big, volume change small,mechanical strength high, chemical stability, fight pollution, oxidation resistance superior, the exchange quick, etc, main used for drug extraction, sugar liquid taking off the acid and decoloring, water treatment, etc.


General Description
Ionic form Free amine
Functional group tertiary amine
Matrix Crylic acid
Structure Macroporous
Physical and Chemical Properties
Bead size≥ 95%     mm 0.315-1.25
Effective size       mm 0.40-0.70
Uniformity coefficient ≤ 1.6
Bulk weight          g/ml 0.65-0.75
Density(约)   approx.g/ml 1.09
Water retention          % 60-65
Total Capacity(≥   mol/l) 2.8
Recommended conditions of use
Operating Temperature≤℃ 40
Specific Loading   BV/h 20-90
Bed depth          ≥mm 800
Storage temperature  ℃ 0-40