SYD31 Macroporous Anion Ion Exchange Resin

A Macroporous Weak Alkali Anion Exchange Resin, has a very high working exchange capability, mainly for water preparation, especially suitable for the treatment of organic matter, high salt, and chromium-containing troplating water, and has excellent physical stability and oxidation resistance performance.


Matrix Macroporous
Uniformity coefficient(≤) 1.6
Bed depth(≥mm) 800
Specific Loading(BV/h) 20-90
Storage temperature(℃) 0-40
Matrix Crosslinked polystyrene
Functional group tertiary amine
Ionic form OH
Bead size(≥ 95% 0.315-1.25mm
Effective size(mm) 0.40-0.70
Bulk weight  (g/ml) 0.65-0.72
Density (g/ml) 1.05
Water retention   (%) 48-58
Total Capacity  (≥   mol/l) 1.4
Operating Temperature。(≤℃) 70