SP217-D Dry Resin

Dry resin is a gaseous chemical filter designed to remove specific ions from the air. Gas-phase chemical filters are used in production environments where unpleasant odors and harmful gases are generated to enhance the yield of ultra-precise electronic manufacturing processes like semiconductors and OLEDs while ensuring the safety of operators. Our company provides a range of dry resin products tailored to various gas-phase chemical filter requirements, including ion types, particle sizes, and moisture levels, thus maximizing on-site operational efficiency.

*AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination): Refers to the dispersion of molecular substances (organic, basic, acidic gases, etc.) in the air that can have adverse effects on the production process or human health.


Acid Gas Removal Mechanism by Ion Exchange Resin

Mechanism of Alkali Gas Removal by Ion Exchange Resin

Acid gases react in the following ways:


-R-N-OH+HF →-R-N-F+H2O

2(-R-N-OH)+H2SO4 →2(-R-N-)SO4+2H2O


Alkaline gases react in the following ways:



Basic Characteristic
Technical parameter
Parent population Polystyrene +DVB
Functional group  Quaternary ammonium group
Ionic type OH
Exchange capacity 0.8↑
Moisture content 10-35% (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)
Wet apparent density 700
Coefficient of uniformity 1.6↓

Exchange capacity, wet-apparent density and uniformity coefficient are pre-drying specifications.