SP117 Strong Acidic Gel-Type Cation Resin

A strongly acidic, gel-type cation exchanger which is highly regenerated and specially cleaned. Depending on the high operating capacity for one-use applications and high chemical and mechanical stability. SP117 is especially applicable to mixed bed systems together with SP217 for the decontamination of cooling circuits in power stations and as a polishing step after EDI systems in the production of ultrapure water.


Matrix Crosslinked polystyrene
Strcture Gel type beads
Bead size(≥95) 0.315-1.25mm
Uniformity coefficient(≤) 1.6
Bed depth(≥mm) 800
Specific Loading(BV/h) 20-90
Storage temperature(℃) 0-40


Functional group Sulfuric aoid
Ionic form H+
Appearance Beige,translucent
Effective size(mm) 0.40-0.60
Bulk weight  (g/ml) 0.78-0.82
Density (g/ml) 1.21
Water retention   (%) 53-58
Total Capacity  (≥   mol/l) 1.7
Regeneration Level≥% 99
Operating Temperature。(≤℃) 100