SMLF-210 Ion Exchange Resin for Laser Systems

SMLF-210, a specialized ion exchange resin for laser applications, is a ready-to-use mixed-bed resin composed of gel-type strong acid cation exchange resin and strong base anion exchange resin. It is produced by using professional-grade materials that undergo extensive transformation and special purification processes, and it is mixed according to chemical equivalents.

Through continuous and synchronized ion exchange between anions and cations, high-purity water can be easily produced. It is widely employed for laser systems primarily aimed at producing high-purity water for the removal of conductive ions and cooling, yielding excellent results. The resulting water quality is slightly alkaline, with a pH value greater than 7. This product can effectively replace the original ROFIN resin and the MIYACHI MLF-0021 resin.


General Description
Ionic form H+/OH
Functional group Sulfuric aoid/quaternary amine
Matrix Crosslinked polystyrene
Structure Gel type beads
Appearance Brown,translucent
Recommended conditions of use
Operating Temperature≤℃ 60
Specific Loading   BV/h 20-90
Packing and storage conditions
Packing 750 ml in one aluminum foil bag
Storage conditions Hibernation and avoid sun’s rays
Storage time max 4-40℃ 6months