SMGP-320 Mixed Bed Resin for Pure Water

SMGP-320 special ion exchange resin is a ready-to-use mixed-bed resin composed of a gel type strong acid cation exchange resin and a strong base anion exchange resin. The system adopts professional products through high transformation and special purification fine treatment, and according to the chemical equivalent of mixing and mixing, in the Yin, cation continuous synchronous exchange action can be easily made of high purity water, mainly used for pure water equipment preparation of pure water, with good application effect.


General Description
Ionic form H+/OH-
Functional group Sulfuric aoid/quaternary amine
Matrix Crosslinked polystyrene
Structure Gel type beads
Appearance Brown,translucent
Physical and Chemical Properties
Bead size≥ 95%     mm 0.315-1.25
Effective size       mm 0.40-0.60
Uniformity coefficient ≤ 1.6
Bulk weight          g/ml 0.68-0.78
Density(约)   approx.g/ml 1.15
Water retention          % 45-55
Total Capacity  ≥ mmol/ml 0.6
Water Quality Test Results
Conditions of water Quality of out water
Specific Resistance Resistivity (MΩ.cm):15Min △TOC(ppb):100Max


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